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 New NL Strategy

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alex weber
New Member
New Member

Messages : 12
Age : 57

PostSubject: New NL Strategy   Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:01 am

In UltimateBet.com Aufruf der Station, in der Regel ein passiver Spieler. Diese Art von Poker-Spieler, wie ublich, um eine Wette machen wollen, sondern scheint immer Around Stick - der Anruf fast jedes Paar, das du tust. Man wurde in der Regel von dem, was geschieht, wenn das Telefon vor dem Bahnhof, Sie waren gut beraten, einfach vergessen den Fluss Bluff denken. Es ist einfach nicht wieder in Gang. Na ja, wenigstens einmal, ware er nicht geneigt, fold werden. Leider sind nicht alle so einfach. Man kann nicht einfach beschlie?en, nicht auf dem Fluss Bluff, aber. Diese werden dem Spieler nur, wenn Sie und bewerten Sie die Rate, wenn Sie uberprufen, fuhren. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] mussen Sie den Fisch mit ein paar Nummern zu uberlisten.

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Regular Member
Regular Member

Messages : 192
Age : 50

PostSubject: Re: New NL Strategy   Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:12 am

I never play cash games, but I can imagine it works well but may also make it easyier to play a few tables at the same time at a lower stake
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Regular Member
Regular Member

Messages : 179
Age : 49

PostSubject: Re: New NL Strategy   Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:55 am

Hi there Alex,

From what you say above I take that you played before a pretty tight poker, since you say you opened your range to connectors and suited aces and kings. I can't really say anything on that approach, the only way to measure it is on long term, I mean time will be the measure of that, that means you must keep track of your play session, and for that I guess simple notepad notes will do the job, and also to have to be prepared for a possible bad/ losing session that could stop your gaming experiments, mistaking that losing streak for a bad strategy choice.

I guess this style you're describing is called small balls, entering pots with minimal investments, wich in my oppinion is a realistic play, but it will cost you to see so many pots, so you'll have to make sure you'll get paid big when you win.

Another thing I can imagine will happen further: observant players will notice you'll get involved in lots of pots, they'll assume you're a wide range, loose, and will start calling you or worse, raising, you with less than great starting hands, I see that it will be difficult to have a read on their holdings. Be prepared for that and I guess that best thing to do when that will happen will be to switch styles for a few orbits between your regular play with a tight one, than back; they'll have to guess then if you were hot or just loose.

Try to remember all the time what you're doing there, you're there to win the game, not every single hand, you have to admit you have to fold, so, as you say, don't fall inlove with top pair, son't chase a draws or flushes, unlessit's mathematical profitable to do that, in other words, if it is cheap to do that.

I don't think of anything else now, -lol- it's easy for me to say, like I'm some pro, it's harder to play it, so good luck at the tables, and keep us posted, maybe one day we'll say "Look, it's Alex on TV, I knew him when he was on FPC forum".

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PostSubject: Re: New NL Strategy   

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New NL Strategy
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