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alex weber
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In Crimea,  Empty
PostSubject: In Crimea,    In Crimea,  EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 4:18 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], began the holiday season. So, it's a golden time "sellers of air" of all stripes. Embankments are filled with rides, slot machines, and fortune-tellers ... banal "lohotronschikami. All of this works, usually without a license. Otherwise, on gambling and trusting the tourist had not paid.
Despite the fact that the summer of 2005 in the Crimea, rest more than 5 million people, special revenue such an influx of summer visitors for some reason did not bring. Urban South Coast beaches have traditionally been packed to capacity - sunbathers were 10 times higher than health standards allow, but the rest of the peninsula mostly Ukrainians (70%), which are barely middle class. Wealthy contingent of the same Russians prefer other resorts higher level. Hence, the losses: if the average Russian spends a period of rest in Crimea over $ 100 - 200 per day, our countryman - less than $ 30.
So last year's season was indicative of the spa business. For this season they have prepared thoroughly: all bets made on the "game" - people with high interest in gambling, which among us more than 80%. Take a look at the embankments of Alushta, Yalta, Feodosiya, and other cities: at each step new "razvlekalovki" for tourists and apparatus for the knockout of money.
Some pundits from Alushta hit upon, for example, convert an ordinary bicycle, making it the opposite: to pedal forward - he goes back, rulish right, and it turns left. Anyone who would be able to ride on this bike, spa businessmen pledged to 100 UAH. Admittedly, wishing there were a lot. A crowd surrounds a "miracle technique" and watch for 10 UAH. Gambling daredevils trying to ride the iron horse. Make it nobody can. Is that sometimes the crowd will trained decoy duck, spirited drive through the circle on the bike and received a promise of 100 UAH. Which, of course, return to the cashier.
Another new attraction - throwing the ball into cans of Coca-Cola. At first glance this game seems vacationers uncomplicated affair. But the banks of the pyramid, with one strike to bring down extremely difficult. They fell somewhat, but not all, it requires that the condition of receiving the prize.
Similar "scams" very much, and they all give excellent profit - up to $ 2 thousand per month. However, no licenses and taxes in local budget. Instead - informal levies on the "roof" of 20 - 50 UAH. a day with a point. At the same scheme works and gypsy fortune-teller, and photographers with monkeys, and street musicians and artists, and even sellers of seeds.
Fill up the pockets of "roof" and slot machines. They are rightly called "one-armed bandits", because fair play can not count - obderut as sticky. After paying an average of 3 to 10 UAH. per game, our holiday-for example, trying to pull the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] crane toy small animals, playing in the dust. In order not to burn through, but on the contrary, have a good sum, clever owners of slot machines can not afford honesty. Judge for yourself - the price of a Chinese toy an average of 20 UAH. Work on the conscience of the claw, the player with the normal eye would pull out a prize almost every time you try, by paying only 3 USD. Therefore game board specially programmed: a mathematical calculation tuner puts temporary pause, when the claw really catches and holds the toy and when it runs idle. That is to play could get a prize of no less than 13 - 15 attempts. In the most crowded places on the embankments of our machines almost lose-lose. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Now calculate the income. Average net profit from one unit is about $ 1,5 thousand in the resort a month, and "high-minded" machines can "earn" up to $ 3 thousand and above. If you have money to buy machines (worth an average of $ 2 thousand) can be anyone.
Do not lag behind the "one-armed bandits" their "roulette" and "a card" brothers - money from the spa they stretch out much more. Casino recently became just the national pastime Crimeans. They opened not only in cities but also on the roads. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
In this game, it is important to remember one rule: the casino came up to the cultural and nice to pull out of his pockets clients more money, but not vice versa. Somewhere in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo scheme of this "scam" as follows: 70% of the casino wins, 30% - the customer. In the Crimean same play their home circuit. First player checks for the "black list" (maybe he's a professional, who have already gone bankrupt several casinos), and then the casino decides what to do with the client. If you are a beginner, but still look decent and rich - you definitely will win, so, for bait, to make their regular customer. Therefore concludes: be the gambling house should be in the form of a gorgeous, win and then leave. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Another secret: Nothing is happening profitable casino tables in working hours in the presence of customers. So we can safely sit at an empty table and start the game alone - certainly institution will give you the benefit to other hastened to sit at the "lucky" table. This scheme is called "priming game". Another scheme called "Saturday". Often casino on the South Coast can be seen a picture: a man or a plain-looking woman with pale face, calmly winning a lot of money, feel the most interesting part comes and goes. The explanation is simple: the casino has to win a man to have seen around that this is really a gambling win money, and tomorrow they told it to everyone he knew. For a casino in this case, two advantages: first, the curious will come second, "Saturday" - a miraculous cure for the taxes. Comes tax inspector, and said to him, waving his hands: "Yesterday a man came and all the money won."
Therefore, probably, not in vain in Israel, Turkey, Arab countries and some states in the U.S. gambling industry and all kinds of casinos are prohibited. However, the Crimea suit is clearly not followed - too much is a profitable business for the resort peninsula.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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In Crimea,
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